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Wondering why over 200,000 website owners choose HostPapa every day to manage their WordPress websites? We will dig into everything they offer for WordPress hosting, from speed and performance tools to their award-winning customer service.

HostPapa was one of the first web hosting companies to make a public commitment to go carbon neutral. Purchasing renewable energy offsets equivalent to all the power used in the HostPapa data centres and offices, they effectively reduce their carbon footprint and support renewable energy initiatives.

The Best and Brightest from HostPapa’s WordPress Hosting

HostPapa’s web hosting service offers reliable and fast website speeds that can benefit both individuals and businesses. They guarantee a 99.9% uptime, ensuring that your website will load quickly and run efficiently.

Aside from providing high-speed performance, HostPapa also boasts excellent customer service. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and free domain transfer, which means that you can test their service with confidence. HostPapa’s PapaSquad is available around the clock to provide award-winning support and even grants new users a free 30-minute coaching session to help them get started. WordPress and Hosting tutorials are also available to help users get up to speed in no time.

HostPapa’s plans are affordable, with tiny starting prices starting at $2.95, making it an excellent choice for business owners with a limited budget. Overall, HostPapa is a suitable option for those looking for reliable web hosting, excellent customer support, and affordable pricing.

Safe and Speedy with Jetpack

The WordPress hosting package from HostPapa has numerous additional features that are noteworthy, even with only one site. From a free SSL Certificate to automatic WordPress updates, it has everything you need.

One of the most valuable features is the phenomenal plugin Jetpack, which is pre-installed on your primary website. With Jetpack free, you get features that cover both marketing and security:

  • Malware scanning
  • Spam filtering
  • Protection against brute force attacks
  • Automated SoMe posting and scheduling
  • Downtime monitoring
  • Lazy Loading Images
  • Unlimited Image CDN

If the WP Ultra package is more suitable for your needs, you will also get some extra features:

  • Auto-detection and removal of malware
  • Automated WordPress Backup for your content and your design
  • Jetpack Premium pre-installed for your primary domain, a $199.00/yr value!

This includes all of the jetpack free features, plus:

  • Unlimited CDN for video
  • 8x CPU, MySQL and I/O resources
  • SEO preview tools
  • Google analytics integration
  • Ad network approval
  • Plug-in to accept PayPal payments

Tiny Starting Prices and a Limited Time Offer

With a 3-year discounted subscription with HostPapa you can save up to 75%! Each type of plan has a sliding scale of prices, where you start saving from every month you commit to, starting with a 3-month plan.

  • The WP Start plan is Ideal for beginners building a single website.
  • HostPapa’s WP Plus Plan is perfect for owners of multiple websites.
  • The WP Pro Package offers the best value overall, packed with premium features and optimised for small and medium businesses.
  • WP Ultra is the top-bracket option, with the most robust security and storage.

Start, Plus, Pro and Ultra packages are available for each plan, depending on your website’s needs. Here is an overview of your options:

WP Start Plan

  • 1 WordPress website 
  • 10 email addresses
  • 100GB SSD storage
  • Free domain registration 

Price Options:

  • 1 month: $8.95/mo
  • 3 months: $6.95/mo
  • 6 months: $5.95/mo
  • 1 year: $4.95/mo
  • 2 years: $3.95/mo
  • 3 years: $2.95/mo

WP Plus Plan

  • 9 additional websites
  • 90 additional email addresses
  • WordPress staging
  • Unlimited MySQL databases for all your projects
  • 2x more CPU and MySQL resources for faster loading speeds

Price Options:

  • 1 month: $10.95/mo
  • 3 months: $9.95/mo
  • 6 months: $8.95/mo
  • 1 year: $7.95/mo
  • 2 years: $6.95/mo
  • 3 years: $5.95/mo

WP Pro Plan

  • Unlimited WordPress websites
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Wildcard SSL Certificate
  • 4x more CPU and MySQL resources for faster loading speeds
  • 2x more I/O resources for faster access times
  • Automated Backups 1GB and Domain Privacy which cost $99 after the first year
    Protection Power Basic

Price Options:

For a limited time only, you can sign up for the WP Pro package for the same price as WP Plus Plan!

Note: This deal was true at the time of publishing, please refer to HostPapa’s website for any updated deals.

WP Ultra Plan

  • Malware and vulnerability scan every 6 hours
  • Unlimited malware removal assistance
  • Spam and Google blocklist monitoring and removal
  • Plus 4GB extra storage for automatic backups

Price Options:

  • 1 month: $17.95/mo
  • 3 months: $16.95/mo
  • 6 months: $15.95/mo
  • 1 year: $14.95/mo
  • 2 years: $13.95/mo
  • 3 years: $12.95/mo

(Prices are subject to change, 2023)

All in all, HostPapa offers environmentally friendly WordPress hosting with excellent customer service and numerous features that make website management easier. The only downside is that they save their best security features such as daily malware scans with automated detection, global CDN, and real time security notifications, for WP Pro subscribers. It is recommended to add these on to even the most basic plans if you will be collecting user data. However, if you catch them while the limited offer is on, you can sign up to HostPapa WordPress Hosting Pro for the same price as the Plus plan!