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Rediffmail is an email service provider based in India. It is one of the oldest and popular email platforms in the country. Rediffmail is operated by, a leading Indian web portal that offers a range of online services including news, entertainment, shopping, and email.

Key Features

Rediffmail offers several key features to its users. Here are some of the notable features of Rediffmail:

    1. Email Account: Rediffmail provides users with a free email account with a domain. Users can create and manage their email account, including the ability to send, receive, and organize emails.
    2. User-Friendly Interface: Rediffmail offers a user-friendly web interface that makes it easy to compose emails, manage folders, and navigate through different features. The interface is designed to be intuitive and accessible to users of all levels of technical expertise.
    3. Mobile Access: Rediffmail provides mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms, allowing users to access their emails conveniently on their smartphones and tablets. The mobile apps offer similar functionality to the web interface, enabling users to read, send, and manage emails on the go.
    4. Spam Filtering: Rediffmail incorporates a spam filtering system that helps in reducing unwanted emails in the user’s inbox. The system identifies and filters out spam messages, keeping the inbox clutter-free and ensuring that legitimate emails are not mistakenly marked as spam.
    5. Virus Protection: Rediffmail scans incoming emails and attachments for potential viruses or malware. It helps protect users’ devices and data from malicious threats by detecting and blocking potentially harmful content.
    6. Storage Space: Rediffmail provides users with a certain amount of storage space to store their emails and attachments. The storage capacity may vary depending on the type of Rediffmail account (free or premium). Users can organize their emails into folders and search for specific messages easily.
    7. Search Functionality: Rediffmail offers a search feature that allows users to quickly find specific emails or contacts by using keywords or filters. This feature is helpful for users with large email archives who need to locate specific information efficiently.
    8. Rediffmail Pro (Premium): Rediffmail offers a premium version called Rediffmail Pro. It includes additional features such as larger mailbox storage, ad-free experience, advanced security options, priority customer support, and the ability to use a personalized domain name for email addresses.

Rediffmail Login

To log in to your Rediffmail account, open your web browser and go to the Rediffmail website, locate the “Sign in” link at the top right corner of the page and click on it. You will be redirected to the Rediffmail login page, where you enter your Rediffmail email address in the “Username” or “Email ID” field and enter your Rediffmail account password in the “Password” field.

Signing up for Rediffmail Account

To sign up for a Rediffmail account, open your web browser and go to the Rediffmail website. On the homepage, locate the “Create a Rediffmail account” or “Sign up” link. On the registration page, you will see a form asking for your personal information and fill in the required details. After entering the required information, carefully review the terms and conditions of Rediffmail. If you agree to them, tick the checkbox indicating your acceptance. Once you have filled in all the necessary details and agreed to the terms and conditions, click on the “Create my account” or “Sign up” button to proceed.

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Email Solution for Businesses

Rediffmail offers a premium email solution called Rediffmail Pro that is specifically designed for businesses. Rediffmail Pro allows you to use a personalized domain name for your email address. Instead of the standard “” domain, you can customize your email address to match your personal or professional brand, which can be beneficial for businesses and individuals seeking a more professional online presence.

Rediffmail Pro may offer integration with various business tools and services, such as calendar applications, task management systems, and productivity software. This integration allows for a seamless workflow and enhances your overall productivity. Rediffmail Pro may provide advanced email management features, including folder organization, filtering options, and email forwarding capabilities. These features help you stay organized, manage your emails efficiently, and automate certain tasks.

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Boost Your Email Productivity with Rediffmail Pro

Rediffmail Pro is a premium version of Rediffmail that offers enhanced features and functionality to boost your email productivity. With Rediffmail Pro, you can enjoy an ad-free interface while using your email account. This helps minimize distractions and allows you to focus solely on your emails and tasks. Rediffmail Pro provides you with increased mailbox storage capacity compared to the free version. This allows you to store a larger volume of emails, attachments, and other important data without worrying about running out of space.

 As a Rediffmail Pro subscriber, you gain access to priority customer support. This means that any issues or queries you have related to your Rediffmail account will be given higher priority and addressed promptly. Rediffmail Pro offers additional security measures to protect your email account. This may include features like two-factor authentication (2FA), which adds an extra layer of security by requiring a verification code along with your password during login.

Competitors and Alternatives

Rediffmail, as an email service, has several competitors and alternatives in the market. Most notably is Gmail, one of the most widely used email services,, Microsoft’s web-based email service, and Yahoo Mail, a long-standing email service. Alternatives to Rediffmail includes Zoho Mail: Zoho Mail is a business-oriented email solution that offers custom domain hosting, ad-free interface, generous storage, robust security features, collaboration tools, and integration with other Zoho productivity applications. ProtonMail, an encrypted email service focused on privacy and security, FastMail, and Microsoft Exchange, are widely used email solutions for businesses.

Reasons for Switching to Rediffmail

Switching to Rediffmail as your email service provider can be driven by various reasons. Rediffmail offers the option to use a custom domain for your email addresses. This can help establish a professional and branded email identity for individuals and businesses. Rediffmail Pro provides additional features such as increased storage capacity, an ad-free experience, priority customer support, and advanced security options.

Rediffmail has been a prominent email service provider in India for many years. If you are located in India or have a preference for using an Indian-based email service, Rediffmail can offer a familiar and localized experience.

Rediffmail emphasizes security and privacy measures to protect user data. This can be appealing if you prioritize data security and are seeking an email service with robust security features. Rediffmail is operated by, a well-known Indian web portal.

If you already use other services or find value in the integration between your email and the portal’s features, switching to Rediffmail can provide a seamless experience. If you have been using Rediffmail in the past and are satisfied with its interface, features, and overall user experience, you may choose to stick with it or return to it when considering an email service switch.

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Interface Options

Rediffmail provides a user-friendly interface for accessing and managing your email account. The interface offers various options and features to enhance your email experience. Rediffmail’s interface is designed to be clean and intuitive, allowing users to navigate through their emails and features easily. The layout is typically organized with a sidebar or navigation menu that provides quick access to different sections, such as the inbox, sent items, drafts, and folders. Rediffmail offers a compose window where you can create and send new emails. It provides options for formatting text, adding attachments, and inserting images or links.

When replying to emails, you can choose to reply directly or reply all, and the email thread is usually displayed in a conversation view for easier context. And Rediffmail allows users to create folders or labels to organize their emails. This helps in categorizing and managing different types of messages, making it easier to find specific emails later. Users can also move emails between folders or use the search function to locate messages based on various criteria.

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